SuSanA Wikipedia Edit-a-thon (19-21 March) - continue to make your edits count until 31 March #edit4impact

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SuSanA Wikipedia Edit-a-thon (19-21 March) - continue to make your edits count until 31 March #edit4impact
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TOPIC: SuSanA Wikipedia Edit-a-thon (19-21 March) - continue to make your edits count until 31 March #edit4impact

eshaylor - 10 Feb 2017 11:18
SuSanA Wikipedia Edit-a-thon (19-21 March) - continue to make your edits count until 31 March #edit4impact
Join us on 19-20 March 2017 for a Wikipedia edit-a-thon to improve Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) topics just ahead of World Water Day on 22 March 2017.

Who is the organizer of this?
Myself together with a small team of people working under the BMGF-SEI grant (see here for more info about this grant:

What is an edit-a-thon?
It's an event where people come together (either in a physical or in virtual space) to edit and improve Wikipedia pages (for more information:

Why bother to edit Wikipedia?
Wikipedia, while not an academic or professional source, has great value to those working on the periphery of the sector. For example local government actors working on policy and legislation or media need information on WASH issues. On international UN days such as World Water Day is one such occasion where the number of people looking to Wikipedia to gain an understanding of WASH related issues will peak.

It is in our power to ensure that they read the right information. Joins us on the occasion of World Water Day (which is on 22 March) for a 2-day edit-a-thon just prior to World Water Day to collectively make a big push to improve Wikipedia’s content on WASH topics!

Your own desk but be connected to other amazing Wikipedia editors and SuSanA members by using a virtual workroom via Adobe Connect. We will provide the URL for this virtual workroom a bit later in this thread.

Date & time:
Exact start and end time will be announced soon, but we are planning for 48 hours on 19-20 March.
The room will open on Sunday 19 March at 12 noon and stay open for 48 hours until Tuesday 21 March

Where can I register?
A registration page for the event will be created soon and the link posted here.

How will this edit-a-thon work?
We are getting an enthousiastic crowd together who will jointly, or on their own, edit those Wikipedia articles that have a connection to water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) topics. We are also going to contact SuSanA's working group leads and working group members.

Which articles should we edit?
These are articles that have been tagged with the WikiProject Sanitation:

There are about 500 of them but if you feel overwhelmed and don’t know which one to work on, we have selected 50 articles to work on. We will provide a listing of the pre-selected articles soon.

Meanwhile, these might be in the Top 4:
  1. World Water Day:
  2. World Toilet Day:
  3. Sanitation:
  4. Sustainable Development Goals (with more detail for SDG6):

Can I also help if I only have a shaky internet connection?
Yes, there are a number of way you can get involved, even with a slow internet connection. We will detail these later in this thread.

So: stay tuned, more information will be provided soon.
Or ask your questions or provide your feedback in this thread here now.



together with Ruth Miskelly, Elisabeth von Muench, Carol McCreary, Diane Kellogg (members of the Grant Consortium of the SEI grant by BMGF on “Supporting SuSanA and the broader Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) Community of Practice through an online platform”)
muench - 20 Feb 2017 14:24
Re: Join us 19-20 March 2017 SuSanA's Wikipedia Edit-a-thon for World Water Day, Around the world, around the clock, together
Dear all,

As you have probably noticed already the organizing team of the Wikipedia edit-a-thon for World Water Day is also engaging with the members of the SuSanA working groups, by posting on the forum in the Working Group (WG) section and by sending out e-mails to the WG mailing lists.

If you've received an e-mail for a working group that you have subscribed to and want to know what the other working groups are doing (e.g. which Wikipedia articles they will tackle), then please see here:

If you want to change your subscription (e.g. join or leave a working group) then please do that at the SuSanA website login at the top left here:

(note: please don't confuse this with the forum login, which is separate; we are working in the background to combine the two login pages but so far they are still separate).

So far the following working groups have addressed their members on the Forum (the others will follow soon):

ruthmiskelly - 27 Feb 2017 17:24
Video - How to Start Editing
Hi everyone,

Great to see such a reaction to the World Water Day Edit-a-thon!

Please click here to watch a 5 min youtube video on how to start editing Wikipedia.

It would be wonderful if all those who will be participating in the Edit-a-thon could try out the beginning steps on the video prior to the event.

If you have problems , questions , or feedback on the instructions, please post them here so that we can sort them out together.

We will soon be posting the links to 1 or 2 other short videos which will explain a few more simple aspects of editing to you.

Thanks a lot,
muench - 03 Mar 2017 01:09
Re: Video - How to Start Editing
I think that's a very nice video, thank you Ruth! Esther and I are also planning to do a short video each, in order to briefly introduce ourselves to you and to give some additional tips and hints on editing Wikipedia for novices.

By the way, Ruth used this free screen recording software which she said was easy to use: I will find out soon for myself how easy it is.

I have two questions to you all today:
  1. Are there specific things that anyone would want to be shown in such an intro video about Wikipedia editing (our plan so far is to show also how to add references and images and how to use the talk page and watchlist)? And would you tend to watch such videos?*
  2. Do we have any volunteers of people who have already edited Wikipedia to show us their most favourite little tricks? Perhaps Chris Canaday could show us with a video how he does the translation of articles? (my suggestion is that the length of such a video should be about 2-5 minutes; no longer than 5 minutes)


* I am aware that there are lots of Wikipedia tutorial videos already available, be it on Youtube or on Wikimedia Commons. Our idea with doing another 3-4 videos is to add a personal touch - to show our faces and encourage you to join us in the upcoming SuSanA Wikipedia edit-a-thon. Any examples that we use in these videos will be about sanitation articles, so it will hopefully make for interesting watching. And if nothing else you can check out our accents and the way we talk.
DianeKellogg - 06 Mar 2017 23:52
SuSanA Wikipedia Edit-a-thon for World Water Day 2017 - let's get started: time to get your Wikipedia account.
I just got a crash course in Wikipedia editing from an experienced Wikipedian. It was fun. So fun in fact, that now I’m hooked. I registered for the edit-a-thon, and I’m getting a head start on sanitation pages I care about.

I also tried out my new-found skills by working with Elisabeth von Muench to create a Meetup page for the SuSanA Sanitation Edit-a-thon. Check it out:

We want the Meetup page to:
1. Make it easy and fast for novices to learn how to make changes to pages.
2. Attract both new and experienced Wikipedia editors to the sanitation topic.
3. Motivate people to REGISTER now and get a Wikipedia ACCOUNT and user name now.

A request: Let us know how we could improve the Meetup page. All 3 goals are important.

Diane Kellogg

together with Esther Shaylor, Ruth Miskelly, Elisabeth von Muench and Carol McCreary (members of the Grant Consortium of the SEI grant by BMGF on “Supporting SuSanA and the broader Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) Community of Practice through an online platform”)
muench - 07 Mar 2017 16:27
Re: SuSanA Wikipedia Edit-a-thon for World Water Day 2017 - let's get started: time to get your Wikipedia account.
For anyone contemplating whether or not to get involved in our Wikipedia editing on the occasion of this year's World Water Day I have created this little 5-minute overview video: First steps in Wikipedia

It gives you an overview of what the different tabs and buttons in Wikipedia can do for you, like:
  • Using the talk pages to discuss articles
  • Using the watchlist to watch articles
  • Setting up your preferences to receive e-mails for changes to articles on your watchlist
  • Using the visual editor or the source editor
  • Looking at the history of an article
  • Looking at other language versions of the article

The screen preview below doesn't show it but the video includes my movements on my screen and my webcam while I demonstrate the different buttons of Wikipedia.

I hope you enjoy my little 5-minute video:

Let me know if anything is unclear and if you'd like further videos on specific topics. They are fairly easy to create (like Ruth in her video above, I've used which is free for basic recording functionalities)

ruthmiskelly - 09 Mar 2017 15:31
Re: SuSanA Wikipedia Edit-a-thon for World Water Day 2017 - let's get started: time to get your Wikipedia account.
Thank you Elisabeth for clarifying on the use of the Talk page, which each Wikipedia article has. It was good that you highlighted we should use this when considering making larger changes to a page. If we discuss the change with other editors first, then we are less likely to get in a situation where our work will be deleted or changed back by another editor!

A quick question on the Watchlist. You mentioned that editors can set up email notifications to follow the changes made to a page they have edited. Is email the only way to get the notifications, or can I receive the notifications once I sign in to Wikipedia instead?

Thank you
muench - 10 Mar 2017 15:56
Re: SuSanA Wikipedia Edit-a-thon for World Water Day 2017 - let's get started: time to get your Wikipedia account.
Hi Ruth,

Yep, that's exactly right about the talk page. Rule of thumb: if in doubt whether you should say something on the talk page or not: Do say something on the talk page. Wikipedia is all about consensus building and the talk pages helps immensely for that.

Example: If you make an edit, it may happen that someone else clicks "undo". Before getting angry and thinking "what? They dared to undo what I did??" and clicking "redo", rather take it to the talk page and ask for an explanation. (the person who did "undo" should have also indicated in the summary field why they clicked undo, or they could have also taken it to the talk page in the first place).

Secondly about the watchlist:

Yes, you can sign into your Wikipedia account and check your watchlist at the top right. This is actually something I have made a habit of so I do that daily. In that case you may not need the e-mail notifications at all. I have 500 articles on my watchlist and on an average day, about 10 of them have had a change made to them.

But most of the SuSanA members don't edit Wikipedia all that much. So having an e-mail come into your inbox to indicate that a change has been made to an article that you watch is useful for most people. I have those e-mails going into a special folder in my e-mail system so that they don't annoy me.

But careful: Wikipedia is not perfect! Strangely and sadly, the e-mail notifications don't seem to cover all changes, so if in doubt do check on your watchlist. Another annoying thing: the watchlist only goes back 30 days, not further.
Kai and I spoke about this issue here on the Forum in December:

Putting articles on your Watchlist is super important, I cannot stress that enough. Especially as a novice it may well be the case that a change you made will be undone or modified by another user. Surely you would want to know about it? Hence the e-mail notification (or pro-actively checking on your watchlist). This is not because that other person is mean. It's just that novices sometimes are not used to the rules yet. Therefore always click on "watch this page" when you are saving an edit you have made.

To everyone: keep on asking, don't be shy or worried!

muench - 13 Mar 2017 14:00
Re: Edit-a-thon on 19-20 March (and before) to improve Wikipedia for Public Awareness, Advocacy and Civil Society Engagement - next steps
Dear Nat (lividlili),

Great to have you on board with this! You were already a participant in our SuSanA Wikipedia webinar in November last year. In fact you first raised this idea, see transcript of the chat here:

Natalie: (09:42) Do you host regular edit-a-thons?

Stephane Coillet-Matillon: (09:42) Yes. Depends where you are located though. Edit-a-thons are usually organized through chapters

Carol McCreary: (09:44) Oh, I like the idea of an edit-a-thon. Good event to bring people into a co-working space for a day or even half a day. And then mix, drink beer, celebrate.

Then 2 months ago, independently Esther had the same idea (and proposed to connect it to World Water Day which was very strategic), so here we are now, with one week to go until the big event! (except that we do the edit-a-thon in virtual space in the Adobe Connect room)

As you are a journalist, I am attaching a press release we prepared for this event to this post. Do you see any avenues to get some attention of other journalists for this?

There is also a blog post (geared more towards people who already know about the sanitation crisis):

And SEI put out a nice news story on their website here:

But the best advertising comes from "one on one" e-mails with potentially interested friends & colleagues.

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eshaylor - 14 Mar 2017 12:01
Re: SuSanA Wikipedia Edit-a-thon for World Water Day 2017 - let's get started: time to get your Wikipedia account.
Hi everyone,

The main event is getting close, but dont let that stop you editing pages now, feel free to experiment and work away as time allows. PLEASE make sure you register your details on the Dashboard here: so we can track the impact of the event.

For those of you who are like me and less confident editing the main text there are other ways to get involved by adding references and images you can see a brief overview video of how to do this:

We have created a playlist of videos to help you with different ways to contribute, feel free to take a look and watch as you have time:

As you can see we have a core team of Wikipedians working on this and we are available to support you if you get stuck. So dont be scared jump right in and #edit4impact this World Water Day!

Good luck and happy editing
eshaylor - 17 Mar 2017 12:44
Re: SuSanA Wikipedia Edit-a-thon for World Water Day 2017 - let's get started: time to get your Wikipedia account.
The time in nearly upon us to start to #edit4impact so please make sure you are registered with Wikipedia and sign up to the Edit-a-thon:

We will be running a live support room for the 48 hour period (starting this Sunday at 12 noon GMT) so if you need help or just companionship drop by and chat with our dedicated support crew:

Tell your friends, spread the word use Facebook, Twitter even smoke signals join us for the SuSanA Wikipedia Edit-a-thon in aid of World Water Day. Around the World. Around the Clock. Together #edit4impact

DorianD - 17 Mar 2017 14:01
Re: SuSanA Wikipedia Edit-a-thon for World Water Day 2017 - let's get started: time to get your Wikipedia account.
Hi everyone,
//Bonjour pour les francophones !
We are a team of Cranfield University MSc students supporting with SuSanA Wikipedia Edit-a-thon event. Because SuSanA wants to improve cooperation with francophones and sanitation related articles quality in French. The team has defined a list of 13 top articles to create or edit in French during the Edit-a-thon !

If you are interested on sharing sanitation knowledge in french you can follow this link to get the full list of key articles to create.

The Cranfield Team.
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