SuSanA Wikipedia Edit-a-thon (19-21 March) - continue to make your edits count until 31 March #edit4impact

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SuSanA Wikipedia Edit-a-thon (19-21 March) - continue to make your edits count until 31 March #edit4impact
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TOPIC: SuSanA Wikipedia Edit-a-thon (19-21 March) - continue to make your edits count until 31 March #edit4impact

muench - 19 Mar 2017 17:12
SuSanA Wikipedia Edit-a-thon - Virtual Workroom is open to all NOW until Tuesday noon GMT
So, the edit-a-thon has officially started!
Myself and a few others from the organizing team are sitting in our virtual workroom waiting for you to drop in, say hi, ask your questions about Wikipedia editing.
We'll be here in principle for 48 hours, i.e. until Tuesday 21 March at noon GMT.

Just click on this link:

Click on "enter as guest" and add your name (no login required)

I've already had a good chat with Abby about the Wikipedia article on "right to water" and with Carol about the Wikipedia article on "public toilet".
Come and join us, even just for a few minutes, and support this knowledge management effort!

muench - 20 Mar 2017 12:35
Re: SuSanA Wikipedia Edit-a-thon - Virtual Workroom is open to all NOW until Tuesday noon GMT
Our edit-a-thon has now reached its half way mark.

See here what we achieved so far:

The statistics that the Outreach Dashboard collects for us include:

Articles Created

Articles Edited

Total Edits


Words Added

Article Views

Commons Uploads

While I was in the virtual workroom last night I met Dean from New Zealand, Jeremy from Singapore, Chris from Ecuador, Carol and Diane from the US, Kojo and Yafeti from the UK (Cranfield Uni). We exchanged tips on using Wikipedia and gave each other moral support. It was a lot of fun!
Want to see for yourself?

Just come to the workroom here:

(no password required, just enter as guest with your name; I usually have my webcam on, so you can meet me if you don't know me yet )

eshaylor - 20 Mar 2017 21:26
Sleepless in Sh*t? We are here for you - check out the Wikipedia Edit-a-thon room for company and conversation
Cant sleep? Loanly? Too much Sh*t on your mind? We are here for you.

We are heading in to the last few ours of the SuSAnA World Water Day Wikipedia Edit-a-thon and our live support room is still open. Come and talk to us here -

We will be here for the next few hours, until 1300 GMT. Come and find out what an Edit-a-thon is, why we are doing this and how you can help. If that dosent interest you just come and say hi!

Around the clock. Around the world. Together. #edit4impact

DianeKellogg - 21 Mar 2017 20:37
Re: SuSanA Wikipedia Edit-a-thon (19-21 March) - continue to make your edits count until 31 March #edit4impact
Wikipedia Edit-a-thon Exceeds Expectation
That’s the headline. Our “Dashboard” confirms the truth of it, too. Click below to see how many changes were made and how many Wikipedia articles SuSanA volunteers (51 and counting) improved or created. It’s impressive and the numbers are still going up. Take a look:

New Wikipedia enthusiasts objected to ending after just 48 hours. World Water Day will increase “reads” and “clicks” for the rest of the month. We’re keeping the Dashboard and the edit-a-thon open through the rest of the month of March. Wikipedia’s Dashboard measures impact for us, and we all know how important measuring impact is.

Despite my own early skepticism, I came to appreciate how “fact-oriented” Wikipedia is. If you can’t provide a citation for an assertion, it won’t stay on Wikipedia for long. Your changes get seen ASAP by the people who care about facts on that topic. It’s called a Watchlist. I’ve had to swallow my academic pride, and recognize how valuable Wikipedia is as an educational tool for the planet. I put the World Toilet Day page on my “watchlist.”

Fun Fact: a bunch of people took on the World Water Day page and improved it so much that Wikipedia upgraded its quality ranking on Day 1. By Day 2 (today) they had listed it on the Main Page. The click rate skyrocketed between yesterday and today. Imagine how many people will be reading about World Water Day on World Water Day. Go to and take a look:

Even more Fun Fact: You can still register and you can still get your two cents in to improve the pages you care about. Start at the Meetup Page:

Fun, in general: The 48 hours in the adobe connect workroom turned out to “exceed expectations,” too. Talking, chatting, putting webcams on and off. When Carol was staffing the room from Seattle, also present were Dean from New Zealand, Chris from Ecuador, Jeremy from Singapore and a person checking in from Mexico. That was cool.

Need help: I’m such a convert that I’m ready to answers questions and talk you through adding content or images on sanitation pages you care about. Email me or the real resident expert on all things Wikipedia, Elisabeth.

BTW: If you find yourself missing meals because you’re having so much fun adding sanitation content to Wikipedia? Blame Esther Shaylor. I do. This was all her idea.


together with Ruth Miskelly, Elisabeth von Muench, Carol McCreary, Esther Shaylor (members of the Grant Consortium of the SEI grant by BMGF on “Supporting SuSanA and the broader Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) Community of Practice through an online platform”)
JulyG - 22 Mar 2017 14:23
Re: SuSanA Wikipedia Edit-a-thon (19-21 March) - continue to make your edits count until 31 March #edit4impact
Hi Everyone,

As a result of this Edit-a-thon, the Cranfield team worked on editing both English and French articles.
For English articles, editing on Draft: Self-supply, Behaviour change Communication, Sanitation Systems, container based Sanitation etc

For French articles, we have created mainly two pages about Open defecation (Défécation en plein air) and Behaviour Change (Changement de comportement) using Wikipedia translation tool.

In addition to this, the team was also engaged in drafting of a reminder message about the start of the event which was emailled to editors that did not show-up on the first session of the event. The team was also engaged on uploading images on Wikimédia and Wikipédia article and send emails on the same.

The feedbacks of the team for this event are below:

- It was really nice to work with people from WASH sector from everywhere in the world
- The Adobe room was useful to speak sponteanously with people and discuss technical topics
- It was also interesting to see how Wikipedia people are reacting so quickly on what is published
- It was a pleasure to work as a team with all SuSanA members

But do not stop now, while you have moment keep editing Wikipedia the 5th most visited website !

Cranfield Team
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