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Cranfield Team Wikipedia Editing Every Wednesday
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TOPIC: Cranfield Team Wikipedia Editing Every Wednesday

JulyG - 30 Mar 2017 15:53
Cranfield Team Wikipedia Editing Every Wednesday
Hello Everyone,

We have agreed with SuSanA team that our team (of 4 students of Cranfield) will be working on editing Wikipedia articles every Wednesday (about 10:00 am to 6:00 pm GMT, London time)! Please feel free to join us on the adobe chat room every Wednesday ! We will discuss about our work and support you with any issue about Wikipédia editing!

As a result of yesterday session, 3 articles have been created, 2 in French and 1 in English.

1. World Toilet Day translated in French

2. Urine-Diverting Dry Toilets (UDDT) translated in French

3. Container-based sanitation English article created in English

Also we have been editing both Toilets and Waste water articles

We kindly invite you to contribute to improve those fresh new articles and others sanitation-related articles.

Have a nice day!

The Cranfield Team
JulyG - 19 Apr 2017 17:03
Re: Cranfield Team Wikipedia Editing Every Wednesday
Hi Everyone!

The Cranfield team is glad to announce that 13 articles have been translated into French.
Part of them are completly translated, others have only the leads translated, which encourage people to further edit them later. We also have worked on improving some articles where the LEAD where not developped.
Please see below the link of the articles

---- Articles recently translated to French from English article ----
- Changement de Comportement (Behavior Change)
- Gestion des boues fécales (Feacal Sludge Management)
- Défécation à l'air libre (Open defecation)
- Toilettes sèches à séparation d'urine (Urine-diverting dry toilet)
- Journée mondiale des toilettes(World Toilet Day)

---- French Articles created with only LEAD part translated from English version ----
- EcoSan (Ecological Sanitation)
- Assainissement Durable (Sustainable Sanitation)
- Engrais Organique (Organic Fertilizer)
- Journée Mondiale de l'hygiène menstruelle (Menstrual Hygiene Day)
- Journée Mondiale du lavage des mains (Global Handwashing Day)

---- French articles edited & improved ----
- Eau, Assainissement et Hygiène / EAH (WASH)
- Helminthiase (Helminthiasis)
- Assainissement (Sanitation)

Next week is our last Wednesday of Wikipedia edition (in both French and English) as part of our contract with SuSanA but hopefully not the last ones! We are hoping you could improve the articles as well, each contributions worth it and is useful!
Meet us on the Adobe Connect room next Wednesday if you are available even for a short time!

All the best,
The Cranfield Team
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